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hurt locker

December 6, 2013

Here’s a film that’s a different kind of war film. What did you feel about it?  What did you feel about the characters, their situation, and how we should respond?  What specific choices do you think made the film unique?


the fountain

November 22, 2013

Sometimes movies that try for serious philosophical messages fall short in terms of entertainment, and maybe in terms of the message too.  At other times, they may be great.  How did you feel about this one?  What did you like or not like?  Did it seem compelling, or was it too preachy and confusing?


Good Kurds, Bad Kurds

November 13, 2013

What was your response to this documentary?  What did you feel hit hardest in terms of both emotions and logic?  One point about documentaries is the filmmaker usually wants to influence our behavior or thinking.  What do you think Kevin McKiernan wants us to do or think in response to his film?



October 25, 2013

Unforgiven seems like a simple film, but it’s also a puzzle.  Much of it shows all the stories of the Old West to be lies.  But then Clint Eastwood’s character, Will Munny, after saying he’s done with killing and will honor his late wife’s memory, kills a room full of people without getting scratched even though they all have guns.  And we’re left with the question of why his wife fell in love with someone who was a mass murderer.  What are we supposed to think?  Why would Eastwood (also the director and writer) give us these questions?  What did you think of his character and of the movie?


“Five Friends” filmmaker

October 16, 2013

What did you learn about this filmmaker and his film?  Exactly what was the issue?  Why did he think it was important?  Did he show any clips?  Overall, how did you react?  What was good and bad about the evening?


the exquisite corpse project

October 8, 2013

Write a couple paragraphs telling what you thought of The Exquisite Corpse Project and the filmmakers who came to talk about it.  Did you enjoy the movie and the evening?  Did you enjoy the discussion?  Did you discover anything new about filmmaking?  Were there any additional questions you wanted to ask or have thought about asking since?


Miss Representation

September 24, 2013

Since this is a documentary, say what you think its arguments are, what techniques it used, how well you think they were used, and how you responded.  Write two good paragraphs.