the exquisite corpse project

October 8, 2013

Write a couple paragraphs telling what you thought of The Exquisite Corpse Project and the filmmakers who came to talk about it.  Did you enjoy the movie and the evening?  Did you enjoy the discussion?  Did you discover anything new about filmmaking?  Were there any additional questions you wanted to ask or have thought about asking since?



  1. I thought that “The Exquisite Corpse Project” had it’s up and downs. I felt that it raised some good points, but it had flaws, such as in the Camera work and the editing, but for a low budget film it was pretty good. The concept was new and innovative, and while it wasn’t perfect in execution I felt that it made some very poignant ideas. I especially liked the points that the final writer (Raphael?) brought up about the parallel lines, and how at one point in a person’s life they can seem perfectly parallel to another, but be slightly off, and over time the distance between the two lines grows that they barely recognize what they ever had in common.

    Through this, I saw the idea that films are very difficult to create with friends, as they inevitably lead to arguing, as is the same with any sort of entertainment. The narrative of the movie is really what makes it, and I truly enjoyed how the final writer tried (and in my opinion, SUCCEEDED) in making the movie they made more than “just” a comedy, and gave it something with a lot more meaning. His quote about the parallel lines will probably stick with me for awhile. I thought it was the best part of the movie.

  2. Going into this I can truly say I didn’t know what to expect. The moment I heard about it I didn’t realize it was actually real people filming themselves and interviewing one another. I assumed it was all acting and the entire thing was a scripted movie. So when the director introduced himself and then appeared in the first scene of the movie as himself I was extremely surprised. The exquisite corpse project was very entertaining. I never heard of the game that the film was named after before the explanation in the beginning of the movie (each person draws a part of a person without knowing what the other parts look like). As soon as I figured out exactly what the “exquisite corpse” was I immediately understood the movies motive better. The movie, surprisingly, was allot better than I expected. I knew from the start that it would be interesting but I liked how it actually managed to make sense in the end and have a story line. My favorite parts were the first, third and fifth sections of the movie. The second section of the film was too corny and strange for me to enjoy and the fourth section went way too in depth with trying to explain the pervious story line and that’s really where it messed everything up that was kind of flowing from before. The way it cut back a fourth from interviews to the film made it very intriguing and really made the viewer have a better understanding of what was going on. I truly enjoyed the movie and my evening at this presentation.
    Talking to the actor/writer and producers afterwards it was really funny to hear what they had to say. The writer who was there I was mostly amused by because he was SO upset about the last writer not using his ending of making him into a snake villain and just jumping to a “four and a half years later” scene. The fact that they spent an entire year’s savings on the movie and around two years of editing is truly amazing to me. I guess you could say I never fully comprehended how much effort went into even such a short film that isn’t a legitimate movie screened in theaters. Talking to them really showed how enthusiastic they are and passionate about what they do. Ben wouldn’t have invested so much effort into the project if he didn’t have some type of passion for what he was doing. I really hope he has a successful career in the future and this movie gets more hype. If I could have asked them anything at the screening I would have wanted to know what their favorite and least favorite part of the project was how they thought it turned out, and what it’s like living in the Bahamas! In the end it was a really enjoyable night.

  3. I really love the concept behind The Exquisite Corpse Project, and I think that Ben Popik and the team of writers did a great job at bringing the game to life. I found it really intriguing how each writer took the script in a new direction with the genre, it really gives you a sense of each of the different writers and their styles. The first writer to begin the script was Chioke, and he took the script in the direction of a dramatic romance. I thought it was funny how the other writers teased him about using so much narration in comparison to his dialogue, and I laughed when the movie resumed and the narration picked back up again. Next came Joel’s section, and he took the script in a sort of sarcastic, childish direction. I thought Joel’s portion of the movie/documentary was especially amusing since Ben hated his first draft to the point where he almost considered sacking the whole production. This section really kicks off the notion that sometimes working with friends can be challenging. I especially liked when Raphael described this section by saying that you can really tell from watching the movie that Ben loved Chioke’s section, and “didn’t give a shit about” Joel’s section. It’s so funny because it’s true – you can really tell by the drastic change in cinematography and editing between Chioke’s section and Joel’s section. Chioke’s section was very aesthetically pleasing, with good lighting, good sound quality, and a good performance by and good appearance of the actors. In Joel’s section the lighting was terrible, the sound quality was even worse with some voices louder and more muffled than others, there weren’t enough takes to get good work from the actors, and their costumes in this section were even lack luster with just dull, plain colors. It was, as Raphael described it, a “total shit parade”.
    Next came Adam’s section, with the scene from the cover of the movie, in which Adayite and Stephanie declare that “everything will be different” due to Adam’s confusion with the plot that Chioke and Joel had began. Adam, like the previous writers, took the script in a whole new direction of a kind of dramatic horror. Next up was Dave’s section, in which things really got messy and all switched around. For one thing, the direction of the movie switches again, this time to a sort of supernatural action thriller comedy. Another set of changes that occur in Dave’s section involve all the characters getting new relationships and forgetting their pasts. While Stephanie had a crush on Mark earlier in the story, in this section they are ex-boyfriend and girlfriend. And now Eustice, formerly hipster moustache guy, is Mark’s brother, while before he had been a former flame of Adayite, and thus an adversary of Mark’s. In this section the plot takes a turn to the supernatural, Stephanie is possessed by a demon, and Mark is left battling an evil snake – until it is time for Dave’s section to end and Raphael’s section to begin. Some more conflict among the writers occurs at this moment, since Raphael went ahead and began just how Dave said that he really hoped he wouldn’t, with a “5 years later” (though technically Raphael went with “4½ years later, though that didn’t seem to make Dave feel any better). Here we get to see Dave struggle with his disappointment over the direction that Raphael took the story, and Raphael’s feelings of inferiority due to Dave’s disappointment, and again we’re reminded that working with friend’s isn’t easy. And while Dave didn’t like Raphael’s section, I thought it actually turned out to be the strongest section of the movie. In his section Raphael gave the confusion between the characters that Adam and Dave’s sections created a sense of meaning and reason. He explains that this project, and the ending of the movie, kind of represents the nature of friendship, and even Ben’s friendship with his group of writer friends. He asks questions like, how did we get so far apart from where we started? How can this happen when we were so close? What happened? He explains that people change, that we’re different from who we are at the beginning of our story. Just like Adayite, Mark, Stephanie, Eustice, and Mr. Kim were different at the end of The Exquisite Corpse Project, Ben, Chioke, Joel, Adam, Dave, and Raphael are all different from when their paths all first crossed as well. I really love something Ben says at the end of the movie while he’s describing working with friends as “hard, messy, and also kind of great.”
    Overall, I thought The Exquisite Corpse Project was really well done. Although there are times when the cinematography and editing are kind of poorly constructed, but I think you can really see the passion that each writer brought to the table. The fact that they all got kind of worked up about it when it was only supposed to be a game shows their dedication to their craft. I really enjoyed watching the writers through the entire process, as if I could experience this journey with them and really get a good idea of what this project was like. I think it was a really clever idea and project, and that from it Ben and his team of writers created a crazy, messy, dramatic, and somehow still interesting and intriguing to movie to watch, and I think that that is quite an accomplishment.

  4. I really enjoyed “The Exquisite Corpse Project.” I think what I liked most was the idea behind it. It was a really unique idea that these guys had. It was a bold decision because as the filmmakers explained in the beginning, they had no idea how the whole project would turn out. The movie was a lot funnier than I thought it would be, both the writers and their stories had a lot of humor. I though it was interesting how all the writers are friends, and have similar interests, but all their stories were different. For example Chioke, the first writer, wrote a part that I thought was very well developed. He had a pretty solid narrative and I felt like we got a good introduction to the characters. He did a good job of starting the project. They said that he did a lot of short stories and I thought that was pretty evident through his portion of the project. The second writer seemed to go the opposite direction. It seemed that he did not take the project as seriously as the other guys involved, but the writers were all smart and creative and were able to continue the story even with the bizarreness of the second part.
    I did like how each of the friends described how it was difficult to work with each other. I think people think working with friends will be fun and easy, but often working with friends can be quite a headache. As much as the friends had in common, for example they all were smart and funny and had an interest in filmmaking, their own personal styles were very different. My favorite part of “The Exquisite Corpse Project” was the last segment written by Raphael. He managed to continue the story and make some closure to the entire project even thought he only saw five pages of the entire script. At the end, the writers discuss how it almost perfectly worked out that all the writers were able to tell a different story and how Raphael was able to piece together that Adiyit and Mark would be the couple in the end and I also thought that was impressive. In my opinion, the fact that Raphael wrote about Adiyit and Mark meeting again “four and half years later” was what made the story seem complete at the end. The main question I had during the film was answered at the end of the film. I was curious as to how long the whole project took because I was sure that each writer was given a deadline to write their pages. The director explained the writing and filming only took a couple of months, but the editing took about two years. I think that shows how dedicated these guys were to the project. For them it wasn’t only about the fun of doing another little project, this one was more serious. I hope these guys continue writing and continue to show this film. I hope they reach their goal and get it on Netflix because I think that will really help them get their names out there.

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