Miss Representation

September 24, 2013

Since this is a documentary, say what you think its arguments are, what techniques it used, how well you think they were used, and how you responded.  Write two good paragraphs.


One comment

  1. I really enjoyed this documentary. Growing up in the age of the internet and new technology I have seen first hand the exploitation of women in the media; however, I was surprised to learn just how bad it was. The documentary appealed to ethos, pathos, and logos of the audience. They used interviews with very influential women to appeal to the logic, they used clips from popular movies and tv shows to appeal to ethos, and they used stories from the filmmaker and average women to appeal to pathos. I thought they did a fantastic job of displaying the under representation and misrepresentation of women in the popular media. The interviews really established a feeling of trust and logic to me while I was watching it. I enjoyed the part that they said even when the protagonist of a story was a woman, the only motivation she has in the story is to win over a male character. The part where they also mentioned that the women in films and media are usually thin and attractive and even when they are the protagonist that they usually are dressed in a sexually suggestive manner.
    The part where they also addressed women in video games was very interesting as well. I enjoyed how they said that one cannot attain what they cannot see. I liked how they provided examples of the good portrayal of women in the media, however there is still a call to action that is behind the film. This documentary really opened my eyes to the problems with the presentation of women in the media. Being a new father to a baby girl i appreciated this film even more.

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