September 20, 2013

Say what you think about Clerks.  What do think about it in terms of entertainment?  How well did you like it?  What ideas do you think it offers?  When Brian O’Halloran (Dante) is here (Oct. 11, noon), what would you like to ask him?  You can also add anything about mise-en-scene, but please make it something different from what was said in class.



  1. I feel like Clerks in terms of entertainment was very funny and enjoyable, I enjoyed the movie very much. It was witty and crude at times but that’s what made it so much more intriguing. Movies and characters that are more relate-able, not necessarily to the viewer but to life, seem to be the most amusing to me. Dante and Randal seem exactly like the type of people you would meet on a day to day basis. The problems they faced seemed very realistic and as though they could actually happen to anyone in real life and their entire situation they were in just seemed very realistic. It’s almost enjoyable for a viewer to watch another person’s drama and analyze it from afar because it is not their own they are dealing with and they get to see someone else go through it and how they handle it. Life is full of fun, exciting, unexpected events every day and all that Clerks was, was a day in the life of Dante, following him through everything he went through on a very eventful day. I think through the drama in the film and the relate-able scenes it offers ideas of how people handle themselves in certain situations. It also offers ideas to the viewer to what their life may be like if they don’t go to college and do something with their life. When Brian o’ Halloran comes to IUP I would really be interested in asking him if he had any type of relate-ability to his character he was playing in the Clerks film. Does he feel like maybe that was him at one point and he picked his life up and became what he wanted to be later on in life. I would be curious to find out where he came from as a younger child and ask him how he first became motivated to become an actor.

  2. Clerks as a whole is a very different type of comedy. Usually we dont see as much black and white in Comedies that we did in clerks as the whole picture was shown that way. The characters developed in a way that was very entertaining, seeing the main characters turn corners and realize who they love and what they actually mean to one another. I would like to ask him why he thinks Kevin Smith chose to shoot the film in black and white and what the purpose was of the black cat. Jay and Silent Bob also stick out in my mind, I would bring up what the purpose of their characters would have been, other than adding the comedic aspect to the film. All in all it was a very good comedy, adding different aspect of mise en scene that could be analyzed apart from other comedies, it seemed like this film served some sort of deeper purpose and was highly enjoyable.

  3. There was some humor in clerks but on the whole I found it to boring after a time. I have found that procees of thinking about the film to be more interesting. It is ironic that actors seem so stuck in nowhere but there is the giant word before eack skit. IT took me a while to figure out that is connected to each scene. For me if I had seen this sooner it may had made the movie funnier, less boring.
    The B&W helped the bring what the said actors in focus. IT editied out distrations in the background and made it more ho-hum so that we would pay more attition to what was being said and possibly make the other connection.

  4. Clerks has a lot of entertainment value for a movie about people at a connivence store. The dialogue is what makes this film work for me. The exchanges between Dante and Randall are very witty and well-delivered. I think the film is really about taking responsibility for your situation, rather than just laying the blame on others. That’s why I can really relate to this film. I can sometimes relate to Dante’s feeling that he’s trapped and hopeless.
    I would like to ask Brian O’Halloran what he learned from working with Kevin Smith. And I’d ask him about his thoughts on Clerks III.

  5. As far as Clerks goes as an entertainment piece, I did not find it enjoyable at all. I felt that the language and crude humor was unnecessary and overdone. The attitude towards women, and especially the language regarding women was very degrading and insulting. I really found the film quite simple, boring, and not enjoyable at all. The film sends the message to take control of your own life and not to blame things on others. I would ask Brian O’Halloran where the idea came from because I find the inspiration to be a very interesting part of the process.

  6. I thoroughly enjoyed the Clerks. I am a huge fan of this kind of comedy and thought it was very well done. There are some very interesting dynamics throughout this film and it entertained throughout. I enjoyed the very dry sense of humor and “goofy-ness” that this film presented and I would definitely watch it again on my own.

  7. I think that the Clerks was a funny but it was the sort of movie that make you think about your relationship with people that you have. This movie make you “think” about life and the road that we are taking or making right now. The terms of “entertainment” definitely can be said about this movie there are a lot of curse words and funny moments that the viewer get to see. My two favorite character are Joe and Silent Bob, knowing them as a pair from another movie “Dogma” is a fun and good entertainment to see them again together in this movie. I won’t even know where to give advice to Brian Halloran come here because I understand that making movie is difficult think to achieve. My question for him would be why did he make Dante such a weak and pussy character. That was the most frustrating part for me is to watch a man who cant stand up for himself. Dante character overall is very weak, I find it hard to watch the movie if this was not a class movie I honestly don’t think i could finish watching it as i saw how Dante struggle going through the movie.

  8. I enjoyed the film Clerks. I thought that the choice of setting was unique, because am not used to a film having one setting. I wish it would have had a better ending in a way. Silent Bob really stood out, and what I did like the advice he gave Dante. There is not anything in particular I would like to ask Dante

  9. For the most part, I enjoyed Clerks. I liked how it had a lot of humor, and the humor was kind of dark and dirty. I did not think that the plot of the movie was all that interesting. I understand that it was kind of like a ‘day in the life’ of a clerk but I did not think the plot was all that captivating. The things that happened may not have been realistic but that is what made the film entertaining in the end. I thought it was interesting that the main character, Dante, doesn’t necessarily turn out to be the good guy. I found myself liking him towards the beginning of the film, I felt bad that he was going through such a tough day at work on his day off. But by the end of the movie, I didn’t really like Dante. He turned out to be a bit whiny and unfaithful to his girlfriend. If I had to ask Brian O’Halloran a question I would probably ask him about where he got the inspiration for the story, and if any part of it was based on his own life events. We also talked in class about how there was a repeated use of rectangular shapes in the mise-en-scene, and I’m curious about his reasoning for that as well.

  10. In terms of entertainment, Clerks definitely was not my cup of tea because it seemed very bland and slow with low brow humor that I understood but just did not care much for. I feel that it offers a very rudimentary way to look at the application of mise-en-scene techniques which is a positive for the film. You don’t have to apply much thought to finding the motifs and symbols. When Brian O’Holloran comes I would ask him just why he chose to do a full length modern day movie in black and white??

  11. Clerks would not be my first choice for entertainment, but the movie was easy to follow, with a small cast of characters, obvious motifs and repetition, and enough humor to keep me interested. I’m also interested in the director’s choice to shoot the movie in black and white — I wonder if the convenience-store setting would have been too distracting and colorful otherwise. I find it interesting that the characters Randall and Dante each end up being a bit unexpected — Dante seems like a good guy but ends up cheating on his girlfriend, while Randall seems like a lowlife but ends up being surprisingly philosophical and deep, as well as caring for his friend’s well-being. All in all, Clerks was an interesting watch, just not one I’d repeat.

  12. This was the first time I had ever seen Clerks, and I really enjoyed it! To begin, my initial reaction whenever the film began was surprise that it was in black and white, especially since the dvd menu screen was in color. By the end of the movie, however, I understood the reason for this decision. The black and white really helps to support the static, unchanging nature of the lives of Dante and Randall, and helps to further the feeling that the two of them are trapped where they are in life. For these reasons, I think that the decision to film Clerks in black and white was a highly effective one.
    Overall, I really enjoyed this movie and think it has a lot to offer in terms of entertainment and the ideas that it has to offer. In terms of entertainment, I thought Clerks was highly entertaining, I found myself laughing out loud at numerous points throughout the movie. I really liked Jay and Bob, and I thought that their (well mostly Jay’s) banter added a lot of humor to the movie. Randall’s character also added a good deal of humor to the plot, through his treatment of the customers and the people around him.In terms of ideas and messages that Clerks has to offer there are quite a few. One of the messages includes the shortness of life and the fact that you have a choice in what you do with your life. The female characters in Clerks represent those who recognize that and make strives to move forward in life, without letting people push them around or being afraid of risk and commitment (like Dante), in order to make something worth while for themselves. Clerks stresses the importance of going after what you want, rather than sitting around, static, while the world passes you by (how Dante and Randall live their lives throughout the movie). Furthermore, Clerks stresses that if you’re not striving for fair treatment, or for more than what you have in life, then you have no right to complain. Another idea that Clerks presents is that people just don’t pay all that much attention to the things around them (i.e. the specific signs in the stores and the customers asking pointless questions anyways).
    Finally, some questions I might ask Brian O’Halloran would be: What are some things that you liked and disliked about Dante’s character? Was it difficult at all to properly channel Dante, and did you have to do any research to help you get in character? Are there any characteristics that you share with Dante? What was your favorite part about your experience with Clerks?

  13. I thoroughly enjoyed Clerks, so much that I watched Clerks 2 outside of class. Entertainment wise I thought Kevin Smith did a fantastic job. But there is much more than meets the eye to this film than superficial comedy. Dante is an easy character to relate to, and Randal provides deep insight despite his nonchalant demeanor.
    I work in an area of customer service so I easily related to Dante and Randal’s frustration with the public. I envy how Randal’s character has a quick response to every ‘dumb’ question. I loved the dialogue in the movie, especially any scene with Randal in it.
    The way the characters are dressed, the way they talk, and the way they act all come across relatable to the average person, Dante in particular. He is constantly irritated with life and fed up with his ‘averageness,’ as I think most people are. Dante’s character provides a message that you will not achieve an ything simply by doing what is necessary, you have to go out and achieve your goals, they do not just fall in your lap. Dante is constantly downplaying the town they live in and the job he has, but as Randal reminds him at the end, he has not taken any opportunity to advance his life. His girlfriend tried everything she could to motivate Dante into going back to school but he never took the message.
    I think the movie sent a message that while life may suck and be unfair, we all have to try our best to make our lives what we want, otherwise everyday will be a monotonous struggle.
    If I could ask Brian O’Halloran a question I would ask him how funny Jason Mewes and Jeff Anderson are in person because I was laughing uncontrollably at both of them.

  14. Pure entertainment is the first statement that comes to mind when I think about this film. At first I was not sure why they chose to do it in black and white, but the more I watched the more I understood. The making of the film in black and white made us as audience members really pay attention to the other (might I say more important) aspects of the film. Such as, the props are primarily in rectangular shapes from the video tapes to the cigarette packs. Another aspect is the very different way these characters converse in this film. They very rarely looked at each other when they were talking and it all just seemed natural to them. All of these are things that we as audience members would sooner pay attention to rather than the fact it is in black and white.
    I believe that the one thing that I liked the most about this movie is how carefree all of the characters are. From the very beginning Dante wakes up, in his closet and there are clothes everywhere. Then both him and Randal and the way they treat their customers in their perspective stores.
    If I was to speak to Brian O’Halloran I would ask him what his process was to coming up with these crazy and brilliant ideas. Having taken a Playwriting class before and writing plays a little myself I know that each writer comes up with a process that works for them and what I would like to know is what his process is and how it works for him.

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