lgbt films

October 30, 2013

What did you think about the film(s) you saw Sunday night?  Tell us about the plot, the characters, the emotions involved, and any interesting stylistic elements.  Would you recommend the film to others?  Why or why not?



  1. I was able to watch a short film called “Dik” along with one of the main LGBT films called “Geography Club”. Overall, I was actually surprised how much I enjoyed the films. The short film was comical. It involved a mother and father and their young boy. The little boy comes home with a picture he drew that said “I lik ribin tims dik”. The father immediately thought that it said “I like rubing Tim’s dick,” so it sets him and his wife on a tangent. The short film continues talking about both the mother’s and father’s sexual experiences with the same sex. AT the very end, the father asks the son what his picture says, and he replies with “I like riding TIm’s bike.” The film didn’t include many stylistic elements. It was shot in the kitchen and the bedroom, so during any conversation both of the people were in the shot. THe flm started off joyful, but most of the film was full of strong, mad emotion, because the mother and father yelled at each other throughout the whole thing.

    The main film titled “Geography Club” was set in a high school. It was about a boy named Russell who knew he was gay, but didn’t want to admit it. He was secretly seeing the star of the football team, Kevin, who did not want anyone to know he was gay. The movie followed Russel and Kevin and their hidden relationship. Russell stumbles up a “geography club” which is actually a support group for gay teens. He ends up joining that support group, and advertising it through the whole school. He invites Kevin to join, but Kevin doesn’t want his sexuality to get out, therefore ending their relationship. I was a little disappointed with this film. I felt that it could have had a better ending than it did; it could have gone a lot farther. I felt like the film didn’t accomplish anything because it just cut off. There were not many stylistic elements in this film either. When people would have conversations, the camera would jump back and forth between who was speaking. There were also a lot of soundtrack noises in this film. There were more emotions in this film, considering it was dealing with kids fitting in with their peers and relationships. The overall emotion was sad at first, and then it grew to happy and joyful. Russell seemed to have a very unsure feeling about him throughout most of the film, up until he joined the support group; after he joined, his emotion and personality seemed to open up a lot more. Kevin was good at switching roles when talking between his football friends and Russell. I don’t think I would recommend this film because of the fact it really did not go anywhere at the end.

  2. I watched Geography Club at the recommendation of my adolescent literature professor. In this movie, a group of gay teens forms a support group that they label the Geography Club, thinking that no one would ever want to join them, and it would therefore remain a safe place for the students to explore and discuss their sexuality. One of the main characters, Russell, is in a relationship with another closeted student — this other student, however, is a star on the football team, which makes their relationship top secret. Russell and Kevin’s relationship reminded me of another movie, Perks of Being a Wallflower, in which the football star Bradley is secretly dating the school weirdo, who is openly gay. In both of these movies, especially Geography Club, the audience is able to see the main character’s emotions as he struggles with loving someone who is only willing to love him back if no one else knows about it. It’s especially moving for the audience to watch Kevin switch back and forth from his “gay” role, or true identity, to his “football” role, or the identity which everyone thinks is his. If this harsh contrast produces distress in the audience, imagine what Russell would have been feeling as he watched his boyfriend betray his own self daily. The emotions in this movie were very powerful, and the film had an inspiring message — no one is alone; you just have to find out which group is the Geography Club.

  3. I thought the movies were entertaining and not the stereotypical lgbt movie. The first movie, Geography Club’s plot followed a teen who was experiencing his acceptance of his sexaulity, coming out, falling in love and heart break all at the same time. The main character tetered on the fence of right and wrong. He often wanted to do right and wanted other people to do the right things but found himself doing things that were not right out of fear and peer pressure. His love interest was a jock by all means, he was handsome with an athletic build and very popular. The main character felt fear of rejection and being caught with his lover. He felt love for the jock at his school, and empathy for the kid who is bullied. He felt pressured into bullying that same kid and rejection from the cool kids once it came out tha he was gay. I would recommend this film to evryone because it was not innappropriate for a younger crowd and it was pretty good and interesting.

    In the movie The Perfect Wedding plot followed a man whose sister’s wedding was coming up and the family and friends came together to plan it and plan it fast because the father has been diagnosed with alziehmers. The twist is that the firend who came into town to plan is the ex lover of his friend’s brother. The brother is a recovering alcoholic who cheeed on his ex lover and is trying to care more for people and stay away from alcohol and better his self. The ex believe’s his ex has changed and begans to mix up and confuse feelings. meanwhile the guy who is pretending to be the new lover of the broher’s ex is falling for the brother. the family is scared to lose the father who is slowly losing his memory, the brother feels remorseful to his ex, the ex has some unresolved feelings and the sister is completely in love but settles on a wedding she doesnt want to appease her mom and mmake sure her dad remembers it. all in all the movie was ok, there were some technical difficulties when i went to watch the movie. but the movie was a little predictable, and I would recomend it but not as highly as I would the other film.

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