kebab connection

April 20, 2012

I hope everyone enjoyed our switch to comedy.  What caught your attention?  Were there things you liked about the characters, the plot, or the filming?  Did you make comparisons with other films from class or just any you know about?  Was there anything you found confusing or didn’t like?



  1. I really enjoyed this film. The exaggerated moments like the baby flying through the sky and Ibo’s father trying to disown him throughout the entire movie made it easy to watch and also easy to analyze. I thought Ibo’s decision to impress and win back Titzi was heartfelt, but I could see why he fell a little short. He truly wasn’t ready to be father, or on a more general scale, he wasn’t ready to be domesticated. In the movie, he even says that he’s too young to be a dad, although his friends are excited to hear his news. I also found it interesting that Ibo’s parents were not really interested in Ibo getting a girl pregnant out of wedlock, but were more upset that he got a German girl pregnant. There are many cultural frustrations present in the film and I liked that so much of the exaggerated scenes were there to sort of counteract those frustrations, hence making it a comedy and fun to watch.

  2. The comedy was more than welcome. It was a nice change being able to laugh in the class, as opposed to being bogged down with guilt. I enjoyed the lighthearted somewhat slapstick entertainment. Like in most of the others films we’ve seen (Dirty Pretty Things, Besieged, La Haine) the cast was made up of a diverse group of people, all sorts of various ethnicities and backgrounds and histories came into play here. One of my favorite scenes had to be Ibo’s hallucination in the refrigerator, when he met his hero Bruce Lee. You had this very masculine character telling him to ‘Be a man, go to the panting group’, which is a very un-masculine thing to do. Ibo was having trouble all along with the pregnancy, or taking on the role of the father. He was ashamed or embarrassed even to be seen with a stroller. So to accept the responsibility of becoming a father and participating in the exercises’ became a masculine thing to do, and he went with it and happy ending all around. Which is another pleasant change-up from all the gloomy conclusions of Journey of Hope and La Haine and Besieged.

  3. I liked that we switched it up by watching a comedy. I didn’t know if I was going to like it just because I am not that into comedies. I was surprised that I enjoyed it. It was definately different from the other really serious movies we have watched so far. I feel like it did fit into our theme, however, because it showed diversified Europe. There were so many different kinds of backgrounds and ethnicities in the film and I liked that at the end they brought them all together celebrating.The movie did a good job at revealing stereotypes in a clever way and showed that these stereotypes are ridiculous and mean nothing. This was shown through silly humor. I would actually watch this movie again.

  4. This film was fantastic… it was a nice change of pace, for sure. I liked how the tension between the different ethnicities was illustrated with humor. I honestly expected Titzi’s mom to be more upset about the fact that she was carrying a Turk’s baby than Ibo’s father who attempted to disown him. Most of the immigrants and refugees in Germany are Turks, so there is some serious tension between the groups. I loved the humor and how we got to see Ibo’s heartfelt attempts to show Titzi that he is ready to be a father. I like that Ibo came up with creative ways to make being a father more “manly,” such as the dragon stroller.

  5. I really liked the switch to comedy for this class. I found it interesting that the same themes and racial differences can be shown to the audience through humor but still get the message across. I liked all of the characters and that practically each one had a different race. All of the characters also had their own individual personalities that allowed them to stand out from each other. This movie separated stereotypes that are usually shown in the films, such as having a Turkish boy into kung-fu or a Greek man being interested in vegan cuisine. This movie reminded me of Dirty Pretty Things because it showed how two races in a relationship can be complicated and that people will always have mixed feelings and opinions about the couple. It also made me think of La Haine because all of the boys in this film were so close to each other like in the other film. You could tell that they grew up together and that they care for each other, even when one needs to move in with another for awhile. There wasn’t anything that I didn’t like about this film, I liked the comedic parts of it and the ridiculousness happening throughout the film.

  6. I really got a kick out of this film. I thought it was genuinely funny while still underscoring some cultural borders that come with a diverse neighborhood in a city. I like how the movie sets itself up to be a very Bollywood-style film, but plays with those expectations once it’s revealed that it was a movie within a movie. I also had the feeling that the cast and crew had a very fun time making this film, which enhanced the experience. No one really seemed that out of place, except perhaps for Bruce Lee (but that was a hallucination, so I’ll let it pass). My favorite scenes include those in which he’s trying to be a parental figure, such as his encounter with the baby in the stroller and when he’s taking a breathing course (which he never performs in the real world). Another favorite thing to come out of this movie was Ibo’s creation, the Heavy Metal Dragon Carriage. Quite honestly, if and when the time comes – I want one. No joke. It saddens me that the world doesn’t know enough about it.

  7. Kebab Connection caught my attention because, at heart, it was a coming-of-age story. For most of the semester, the films that we’ve seen deal with survival on a base level, or a struggle to get back to a comfortable plateau. It was nice seeing a regular guy trying to balance big ambitions with real life responsibilities. For better or worse, though, Ibo’s outrageous homages to martial arts and true crime films overshadowed the relationships between the film’s characters. I did enjoy the film, but I feel that comedy’s foundation is how characters or personalities interact with one another. I don’t think Kebab Connection would have been as remotely enjoyable if it weren’t for the slapstick and meta elements because the characters are too far removed from each other.

  8. I was glad we switched to something comedic this time, as it was a really refreshing change of pace to the movies we’d watched prior which were often sad or about characters struggling with the way of life that they’d been forced into. Sure, someone would crack a joke or make a pun in one of the other movies, but after an initial chuckle, you were back to wondering whether or not the main character was going to make it out alive. I felt much more relaxed watching Kebab Connection, laughing at the silliness of Ibo and his father.
    That’s not to say that the underlying message of the movie wasn’t serious. After all, Ibo had to deal with growing up a little more quickly than he’d planned after he found out that he was going to become a father. And the sobering conversation between Ibo and his own father, where he asks “How do you become a good father?” to which his father responds “I don’t know. Ask your child.” left you with that warm, fuzzy feeling that everything was going to turn out alright in the end, despite his father’s initial disapproval of Titzi. That, couple with Ibo’s father’s attempts at making amends with Titzi and trying to help her out as best he could, even though it was often awkward and uncomfortable for him to do so.
    I also liked that even though Ibo’s father threatened to disown him, and all the frustration that he put him through, you can tell that Ibo’s father cares about him and Titzi and his future grandchild. He might not always know how to display it, but in the end, it all works out.

  9. This film was a very welcome changed to our normal routine. I liked the comedic factor and the story revolving around a kid who is put in a difficult position and must go through a lot of hardships and situations before he is fit to become the baby’s father. Ibo was a likable character that really anyone could have associated with throughout the movie at some point. The humor of the movie was very amusing and the whole thing was very interesting to watch because it was a movie within a movie. They played around with a lot of random things from other movies and genres that were quite interesting to watch as well. All in all it was a great movie that hit upon a lot of controversial subjects and hits the main points of life. Men are stupid, and women are impossible.

  10. I enjoyed the change of pace from the previous films we’ve watched. I noticed how there seemed to be numerous ethnic groups represented throughout the film. By using comedy the director was able to craftily show the division between the Germans and Turks. The father reiterated that he was not to get German woman pregnant from a very young age. Also I liked how the setting was just a common European urban area. There was no turmoil or adversity faced by the main characters. He was merely in situation which is common to people around the characters age. We even see the issue of ethnicity resolved as titzy becomes closer to the father and allows him to help her. Even as the main character was struggling with his own personal battles the comedic plot allowed us to go through those challenges and changes with him without it being very obvious

  11. The switch to comedy was refreshing. I also liked how the comedy was used to diffuse the racial tensions. I am not normally a fan of slapstick but this film used slapstick well; like when he fell through the glass of the restaurant and the Odessa steps homage. This film incorporated many other genres and the commercials were funny. Overall, the film was amusing and entertaining.

  12. I watched this film at home and was very pleased with it. I’m sure it would’ve been even better if I had watched it in class with you guys. I would have been a nice change to sit in that room and watch a funny movie rather than ones filled with so much tension.

    I especially liked how, even though some of the racial tensions still existed, the tensions were made light of with comedy. I also like how they switched up the stereotypes. It made it very easy to relate with the characters.

    As for cinematography, the film-within-a-film was surprising and funny. I can’t place my finger exactly on how the cinematography felt so much lighter than the other movies… maybe lighting and less jerkiness of the camera? I’m excited to hear what everyone else thought of this one in class.

  13. I enjoyed the fact that we switched to comedy and watched this film. I found it interesting that even though this film was a comedy, it had a very dramatic story to it. Ibo and his girlfriend were pregnant, while Ibo’s family wasn’t supportive of him, for the sole reason of her being German. There were other dramatic elements to it, but what made it the comedy that it was, was because of the situations the characters got themselves into and of course the dialogue. All and all, I thought this film was great and tastefully entertaining.

  14. I really liked the movie. It was funny and different from our previous movies. The characters were more likable and relatable. The part I enjoyed the most was how diverse the characters were and that there aren’t “buy guys.” I found the parts where the commercials cut in into the movie were entertaining. It seemed like we are a part of the community. There was no racism, which made the movie likable. The ending was not pointless also. The way how Ibo and his father sovled their problems and were friends with the Greeks across the street.

  15. This movie was definitely a switch from the past films we have been watching. What I enjoyed most was watching the film techniques within the film. Just like Hamlet’s a play within a play, this film had mini films within the film. My favorite part was when the baby carriage was rolling down the hill and flying through the air. Although I’m usually not one that laughs at comical things like this, I couldn’t hold in my laughter. I really liked at the end, too, where the fathers/uncles eat each other’s pickles at the wedding. They exchanged no words, but acknowledged each other. Ibo was a very likeable character, and I felt as if I could relate to him. I’m not trying to win over my baby’s mother, but I do sometimes get caught in those situations where no matter what I do, I always make matters worse.

  16. What caught my attention was how this movie was able to use comedy to cover something that was serious. I think it was able to show how racism was evident but by using comedy it made it easier to watch. I liked the commercials that Ibo made and thought it was funny to see people paying eight bucks to watch it. I thought that the pregnancy brought people together and also added to the plot of the movie. The scenes in this movie were all over the place and I felt like there was a lot of stories in one. I liked that all of the female charachters were strong because even when the babys mother loved Ibo she made it clear that she could and would live without him. I liked the feel of the room compared to the other movies because the spaces were more open and the lighting was friendlier with warmer colors. Overall I loved watching a comedy diasporic film because it showed a different side to the same situations that we had been watching with borders and racism amongst people. The happy ending was a plus.

    • this was made by Delaney McDermott

  17. I thought Kebab Connection was a really great movie to show all of the issues we have been talking about. Even though it was incredibly funny, I think all of the issues really sank in. Even though pregnancy can be a huge drawn out issue, this film showed how a family can overcome their racial differences and they can live happy lives.
    I enjoyed how the commercials were incorporated into the beginnings and endings of the film. I liked how the camera portrayed the months of the main character and his drug use, by playing with the use of time and always showing him in the same T shirt, pondering whether or not he should go down the hall to get a beer.
    I also enjoyed how the Greeks and Turks lightly showed their indifference to each other by competing in restaurants. I think that is something that so many people can relate to. It seems like a Greek restaurant is always in competition with another restaurant. All in all though, the film used so many different themes and all of the loose ends seemed to tie in at the end. Especially with Romeo and Juliet.

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