Jarrett Lee Conaway

March 29, 2012

Tell the impressions and ideas you got from Jarrett, especially of what’s involved in making movies.



  1. Jarrett was very interesting to listen too. I was probably the only English Education student in the room, so I tried to take away from his presentation things that I could incorporate in my future classroom. He showed us storyboards that I found fascinating! I could definitely ask my students to create a series of these to express what they thought happened in a story that they read. Then, maybe they could use these to produce their own mini film to show the class. This would be more creative than the typical book talk or report.

    I was also very impressed with the many mini films that Jarrett had made. To me, they all looked so professional! I liked hearing his story of how he made it “big” in Hollywood (being signed recently). He is very confident, hard working, and outgoing, which I know has helped him in the business. (18 hour days! Yikes!)

    • Wow. Obvious typo.

  2. Jarrett is one hip guy! I loved listening to true Hollywood stories about his time in the industry thus far. I had no clue that he was on a TV show and made it to the top 24! Plus, I admired the fact that he was chosen (by Spielberg himself) to be one of fifty filmmakers presented on the show. The main thing I got out of Jarrett’s discussion was his idea of commitment to the industry and his love for what he does. His films are intriguing and the fact that people have said that he shows extreme potential is inspiring. I liked that Jarrett “kept it real” when talking to the room full of students (mostly English majors I believe). He didn’t sugar coat the industry, nor did he dissuade us into entering into the Hollywood world. For some of us, he said, doing what you love is the true benefit, you just might be broke for a little bit.
    Jarrett said that if he makes it big, the starting salary for a director is 200-250,000 (he even said it would be more if he lands a big job). He said that his hard work, blood, sweat, and tears will eventually get him to where he wants to be, he just has to endure the “way Hollywood works”. Jarrett’s presentation was very inspiring and I feel honored to have met him. It’s great when people who’ve “made it” or are well on their way come to talk to the generation still growing in our college years.

  3. Jarrett was one impressive guy. Regardless of how much intense competition is in the film-making industry, he’s still working and looking for movies he can direct. I got the impression that he loves telling stories. He has hope that one day he’ll direct a big movie. I was disappointed to see that the reality show he was on didn’t last for long. I thought it was more important than Jersey Shore. That show could have inspired teens to study storytelling and take it to another level.
    My favorite part is the video he showed of the sketches for a scene on YouTube. I got intrigued by the process of the products we see on TV or movies. The fact that every move or idea they have must be planned or tested was fascinating. I’d love to know more about what goes on before making the sketches real. All we see in movies is “cut” and “action.” Now that I think about it, I wished that I asked him if he gets to be involved in the creation of characters and/or casting.
    He knows what he’s getting into and understands the industry better than any of us in the class. His acknowledgement of the fact that it’s hard getting into Hollywood and still keeps going for it is inspiring. That shows how passionate he is about making movies and not really caring about how much he’s getting paid. He just wants to tell stories.

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