March 2, 2012

What do you think about Kinsky and Shandurai?  Does their relationship involve love?  In what ways are they giving people who just make mistakes or maybe just don’t know how to give?  Could they have handled things better, or is the action we see perhaps the best we can hope for?  In what ways is Kinsky representative of European attitudes towards the displaced people of Africa?


One comment

  1. Besieged is definitely a movie that could have critics arguing for months. It is hard to tell what the characters are actually feeling because of the limited conversations that they have. But, as I argued in class, I do not feel that conversation is needed for two individuals to fall in love. As Jackie said to me, Belle and the Beast fell in love in Beauty and the Beast with very little conversation. Like with Kinsky and Shandurai’s situation, we don’t have any indication of a time frame. They could have been together for months or years before he confessed his love to her. And, he did back off once she told him of her husband.

    Concerning cinematography, I noticed that almost all of the lighting used in the film was natural lighting. Almost every scene had a window in the background. I especially noticed this when Kinsky was playing the piano. The “natural” light from the window would shine onto his face as he starred at Shanduri. Also, I felt this was a great movie to use for cinematography because of the amount of different camera angles and moves the director chose to use.

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