mlk films

January 28, 2010

I had hoped to see some of the films today, 1/28, but unfortunately had other problems to take care of.  The weather slowed my travel time to campus as well.  But, please let me know what you learned from the film you saw and what you thought of how the film was produced.  Hopefully, I’ll still get to see one of these and join the discussion.


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  1. The film I saw was about the oppression of black people in the early 20th century. I thought it was going to be boring and repetitive, but I actually found it to be interesting.
    Blacks were forced off of their land in some Southern counties around 1910. There was even a hanging! The descendants of these people wanted some sort of compensation for the lack of respect and the stolen land. One segment was about a man who discovered that his great grandfather was buried in a cemetery in one of these towns, and he wanted to move the body to his family’s burial plot.
    What I found interesting about this movie was the people that were interviewed. I think this was made in the 90s and people in these towns were still racist. I was amazed at a man who said that he liked the area mainly because there were basically no black people. I noticed that the people that were the most racist were senior citizens.
    I am from an area that is made of mainly white people, so I don’t know that many black people. When I saw this film I sat next to a black boy around my age and we started talking. It was very interesting to hear his points of view. He even told me that he was been subjected to some racism here on campus. I guess I never really thought about racism because I don’t have a lot of diversity in my life, but I hope that people become less rude. There is no reason for it. I became friends with this boy regardless of our different skin tones.

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