sand and sorrow

October 27, 2009

Here’s a movie about international politics, political morality, and individual responsibility.  What did you think of how the movie presents its case, how our nation should respond, and how we should respond as individuals?


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  1. Darfur- “Sand and Sorrow” This film spoke about the mass genocide in Darfur. Men and women were driven out of their homes and are now forced to live in what looks to me like a concentration camp. These people were either brutally killed or raped. While in these camps people were left with little or no essentials such as food or water. The film spoke about what is happening in Darfur and how there are still so many people who do not even know about it. We as a country stood to say that after the genocide during the Holocaust, the world would never have to see something like that again. The truth is that it has happened again and there is not much being done to help those in need of support. We as individuals can help in any way possible, just the knowledge of this is enough to start. You could write to your congress, go to or organize rallies. Go to : savedarfur.org for more info

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