September 4, 2009

Jason,  What’s the topic or plot of your screenplay?  Would you be willing to share some of your work with English classes next semester?  Thanks,




  1. This is in reference to the Friday September 25th 4:00 series in uhler. I didnt stay the entire time but while i was there i heard alot of interesting things. For example when it comes to religions they tend to argue roles. Meaning that there is no primary position where they come from in central and eastern Europe. Like the men arent necessarily the bread winner and things of that nature. Also i learned that the economic circumatances are the same there. I didnt think they were being as though i never visited but with the supposed recession that we are in i didnt think they were experiencing the same problems.

  2. Hello Prof. Slater, this is a response regarding the lecture on 9/25/09 by Irene Hanson Frieze.

    The lecture was based around findings of a study done in Europe about Attitudes of gender, work, and family. The findings were based on surveys given to undergraduate students living in post-socialist Europe. The dissolve of the ‘Iron Curtain’ 1989-2001 was a political and social transition that had many effects on the people living in this area at the time. some of the effects include: a drop in GDP, lack of jobs, shrinking of social services, and shorter life expectancy. the psychological data collected proved very different views of man and women, and American men and women and European men and women. fro example, both men and women desired high paying jobs, which was assumed to be a result of the economic deprivation in Europe at the time. However men had more traditional values and women desired careers that allow for family time.

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